About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Rod. I’ve been designing games for over 10 years now using Unity 3D, Blender, C# and various other tools.

Wearing many hats means I have familiarity not only with modelling but also coding, UI/UX, Characters & Animations, Shadergraph and lots more.

This site showcases some  work on my own projects but I’ve also worked with numerous teams and other studios on a variety of projects from MOBA games, virtual environments, medical applications, fantasy battle games and more for iOS, Android, PC & Console.

I love exploring ideas and inventing new game mechanics and above all, enjoy making stuff that is fun to play and looks cool.

Work/ life balance is important, along with emotional intelligence among the folk I work with. This, I believe, promotes camaraderie, enables team members to excel in their particular area of expertise and ultimately delivers a better product.

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