I’m Rod, the master mind behind Cotton Drift Studio and indie game developer. My work often revolves around creating experiences for nature lovers. Exploring nature as a kid was always loads of fun for me and is something I still love doing today up here in Maine

I’ve been working as a game dev for around 9 years on various projects, mostly with Unity, Blender, Audacity and various design packages.

I’ve worked on multiplayer games, backend API’s & SDK’s (IOS, Android, Playfab, Photon, in app purchases and more).

I create lots and lots of art for my games as well as coding, 3D models, textures, rigging, animation, particle effects, audio, level design, UI / UX and every other thing that is needed to pull a project together and get it out for people to play.

Currently in the pipeline are Hive Quest, a game where the player takes control of an insect hive in a magical woodland, and Beyond The Grove, a fairy adventure where a girl and her pet snail must ride it out together as they discover a tiny community deep among the undergrowth, explore the surrounding realm and establish their own home.

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Email:  rodtyson333 [at]

The following buttons show a little glimpse of my work over the years:

3D Model 1 3D Model 2 Alien Ruins

Starship Graveyard Gameplay Video 1 Gameplay Video 2



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